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Here's some things I've written!

Here's some things I've recently read and been interested in...

Check back soon and hopefully I'll have more details :)

Right now I'm working on a project using python-chess to build an AI model evaluating pieces in an abnormal way. Hopefully, we can train a 'better-than-me' version which can then be trained against opening positions. The result should produce engine exploited opening theory which won't necessarily match the standard accepted opening theory. Then I plan to take my terrible new strategies to the online chess world and share data about how well I do.


I play bass, love geeking out over headphones and dsp, and am venturing into writing music. When we can all safely share spaces together again I hope to fill this page with pictures of concerts I attend and play at. Maybe some soundcloud links too hehe.

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I run a few inconsistent tabletop roleplaying campaigns and do narrative worldbuilding as a hobby. I hope to share some retrospective thoughts on sessions, creative bits of art my players and I come up with, and other learnings and ideas from my experiences. If that sounds interesting you can start by checking out some of these resources I made for a 'oneshot' based in a coastal Turkish town, Zeytinada, set in a grim future.


Hey, I'm Oliver.

Aspiring consultant, analyst, strategist, and so much more. Currently seeking career development and an environment to apply my problem solving skills in.